DIY Product Photography Studio – CHECK

Adam here, the Peak Design marketing manager. I’m the one lone soldier out here in Melbourne, Australia. Actually, we should introduce the whole team – there’s 8 of us! We’ll get on that soon. But first, check out what WE got:

Alright, that Google Hangout screenshot isn’t really that self explanatory. But it is hilarious. That’s Peter attempting to hang our new studio lighting from the ceiling of the PD office in San Francisco. Moments after this screenshot was taken it fell. I wish you could have seen it. But don’t worry, the lighting and Peter are a-OK. Here’s what we got:

3 softbox lights...

…and a lovely white product photography backdrop.

Who’s got 16 thumbs and is gonna start taking some badass product photography? THESE GUYS. We’re stoked. We’d also love any product photography and lighting advice that you have. We’re mostly outdoor folks, and this studio biz is a bit new to us. But we know that many of our customers and fans do this stuff for a living. And there’s no better way to learn about your customers than to put on their shoes. So… any advice?

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